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Updated this recipe from last year. Easy and quick dessert perfect for Passover.

Chocolate Chip Macaroons

Bits and Bytes

In the past few years I have become a lover of coconut.  I never liked it as a kid probably due to those gross cans of macaroons that are sold at Passover time. My mother always bought them for dessert. Just hearing theChocolate Chip Macaroons can opening would send running!  Yuck! This all changed after my niece introduced me to coconut iced coffee a few years ago. What an amazing treat (especially if you are really bad and use cream instead of non fat milk).  I have been on a coconut kick ever since.  From coconut chicken or shrimp, almond coconut pound cake, ice cream, to coconut raspberry bars. I have made several dozen recipes with coconut.  Not to mention drinking coconut water, or even occasionally drinking coconut milk with a straw straight from the coconut.

Last year I needed a simple Passover dessert and decided to make some fresh, homemade macaroons. There…

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