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Source: EdBacker

Image Source: EdBacker

THE DREAM: Imagine if your school could raise funds for important education related projects, programs, events, supplies, technology or trips without having to wait for the district budget to pass.

What if you could even avoid those yearly or even bi-yearly annoying packets of things that kids are supposed to sell?  You know the ones with the overpriced boxes of chocolates, expensive rolls of gift wrap, pies, $15 cookies dough, candles and magazine subscriptions.  The same ones that schools only see 40% of the revenue.

What if you could keep almost 100% of the money you raised? Keep reading… I promise it is not a dream……….

THE TYPICAL PROBLEM:  Today a customer asked me how his son’s parochial school might be able to get funding for building a small TV studio.  The potential studio would have cameras, audio, and a switcher with the ability to “pipe” the morning announcements throughout the school via the intranet to be shown on each classroom’s whiteboard.  The easy part is pulling together the equipment to meet their requirements.  The hard part is getting the $15K in funding.  The school only has about 1/3 of the money they need.

It is common for companies to work with schools to help meet budget shortfalls for technology through donations, special pricing, partnerships and programs.  Unfortunately it is not always possible for a single company to completely satisfy an individual school’s needs or meet all of the requests they get from schools throughout the year. With this in mind, I sent the customer a list of grant resources that could help him find funding (both private and public).  BUT as soon as I hit the send button I realized I had forgotten one very valuable and unique resource……….


EdBacker is an online funding platform (think Kickstarter) specifically designed for the K-12 education industry. It is a crowdfunding website devoted to helping educators raise funds to meet their students’ learning needs. It allows teachers and school administrators to raise money for equipment, field trips and school projects via the web. Remember I said you keep almost 100% of what you raise?  There is a 10% EdBacker Fee (includes the Paypal fee) that is added to each campaign.  So…  if you need $2,000 to fund your project – your goal will show $2,200.  You get to keep the $2,000.  Still pretty cool.. and much better than those pesky fundraisers right?

Recently Funded: Recently funded projects include Lego sets for a Lego wall, funding for an iPad art program, drums for a music program and books for a Who Was? History Program. Pretty cool!  See details here.

Current Projects: Some of the current projects include technology for Franklin Community High School’s Innovation Class, Chromebooks for the classroom, a field trip to China, and sending a group of DC students to New Orleans to help rebuild  homes that were destroyed in hurricane Katrina.  Check out all the current projects here. Get inspired!

Innovative: This is such an innovative and necessary way for schools to raise money for the things that they desperately need – without people buying things that they don’t. AND you get to keep all of what you raise. With schools budgets getting smaller it is fundraising like these that will keep existing programs alive and launch new ones.

Think about it?  Need a few projectors? Some tablets? Video Cameras? Classroom amplification?  TV studio? Or maybe you want to bring your students on a field trip.  Stop DREAMING!   What are you waiting for? Get your needs funded!  Write a compelling story for your project accompanied by either a photo or video and then decide on backer rewards or perks to go along with the different levels of donations. Launch your campaign today.  It is easy… I will be watching.. waiting to see what I invest in this month!

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