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Sock Monkey Costumes

Me and My Little Monkeys!

My son has loved monkeys since he was a baby. He collects stuffed monkeys and sock monkeys.  When he asked to be a monkey for Halloween – I suggested a sock monkey. My daughter of course had to be a pink sock monkey!

I am horrible at sewing so I was amazed that these costumes even stayed together! Between sewing and hot glue it all worked out! (minus a few burns and pin pricks)  The costumes were made from sweaters cut, stretched and sewn together. For the shape of the heads I used foam.

These costumes were a hit – which made my son very happy! Be sure to check the years of Halloween past for more costume fun: 2007 Starbucks Cups, 2008 Sushi Rolls, 2009 Iphone and Tinkerbell.

Sock Monkey Costumes

Sock Monkeys Out Trick or Treating