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pi is BACK

Victory!  I just received an email from Zazzle indicating that they will be reinstating all Pi merchandise! They finally realized that they were mistaken and that the community of artists DID NOT infringe on the trademark 4473631. (see previous rant of a post here )  Seriously.. You Can’t trademark the mathematical symbol by itself!     Thank you ZAZZLE!  

Below is the email I received!

Hello Zazzler,

Thanks to all of you for your patience while we evaluated the claim we received regarding the trademark with registration number 4473631.

After reviewing the take-down request more closely, Zazzle has decided to restore “Pi” products as of today. Zazzle is a marketplace for a community of artists, and we want to continue to support artists who are creating original artwork.

Products are being reinstated right now, so it may take a few hours for the products to appear on the Zazzle site. For those of you whose products were affected, we especially appreciate your feedback and patience these past few days. Rest assured that no action is needed on your part for your products to be fully reinstated.

Thanks again!

Best Regards,
Content Management Team
Zazzle, Inc.