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Deviled Easter Eggs

My family goes to our neighbors every year for Easter.  I love that we get to celebrate with them. It is fun.  My kids have a great time with my neighbor’s nieces and nephews and they look forward to the egg hunt every year.

Last year I brought my chocolate flourless cake. This year I decided to make some deviled eggs. I saw this idea for “colored” deviled eggs on pinterest and thought it would be fun and festive.

After hard boiling and peeling the eggs, I cut them in half and removed the yolk. I then submerged the whites in different cups of color. (2/3 cup water, plus 2 to 3 drops of food coloring + teaspoon of vinegar). I let the eggs sit until they reached the desired color. I then removed them and let them dry on paper towel.

Filling: I am not a big fan of typical deviled egg filling.  So for my filling I simply make a very smooth version of egg salad (white and yolks) and top them with some crunchy bacon pieces and smoke paprika.